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Custom Solutions for Willems Boven Leeuwen

Willems is a well known metal construction company in Boven Leeuwen, the Netherlands. Willems builds a wide variety of constructions, steel and aluminium. One of their major expertises is building superstructures for clients in the super yacht industry. Willems operates according the LEAN principle that puts them ahead in workfloor efficiency. For the pre-production phase Willems was looking for that final step to complete the LEAN principle for their pre- production cycle .

This is where OnePush solutions meets a client vision. Besides generating building packages directly out of 3D construction models, Onepush emphasis on client customization . Willems required enhancement of their existing building packages, diminishing manual preparation before the start of a build.

Through automation and cooperation OnePush was able to enhance the Willems LEAN strategy. By Deep Scanning constructions, our PrepWorks application identifies all plate and profile specifics based on geometry alone. This allows for extensive detailing, enhancing plate and profile information within building packages and customizing workfloor information as guidance during the build.

Having all information and improvements ready, even before cutting of plates begins, allows production to start directly as soon as the parts roll in from the cutting company.

Recently Willems and Onepush signed for a second LEAN enhancement phase. In this the aim is set for further deployment of extensive and customized plate markings, supported by 3D building information that allows further improvement of the production phase. A most challenging project in which exceeding customer expectations and future cooparation is key.

An example of custom plate markings, generated through our PrepWorks Deep Scan.

An example of custom plate markings, generated through our PrepWorks Deep Scan.

Jeroen Ingenhuls