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A OnePush collaborative project

The collaborative approach is key in our customer care. Recently Onepush delivered the last step in production preparation and information of a brand new 32m yacht, build by Wim van der Valk Yachts in Waalwijk.

In close cooperation with Timan Naval Design and Engineering, our building application was able to generate fast and reliable production information. Our Onepush collaborative approach, combined with extensive plate markings, and no-nonsense production information, helps the yard to meet challenging delivery times. To support this process Onepush operated closely with the forming and cutting company, making sure quality our output could be processed instantly.

Staying in close contact with the yard, reviewing the building method and improving it along the way, ensures trust and improvement that will benifit future projects.

We congratulate Wim van der Valk Yachts with this new and exciting yacht and wish her a safe journey.