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PrepWorks application

We produce building packages based on geometry alone, no additional data linked to your 3D model is required. Reduce engineering time and improve your production. Parts, profiles, building booklet and building model. Get a demo now!



Reduce engineering time

We produce building packages based on geometry alone, no additional data linked to your 3D model is required. This can save time in producing your construction models and saves companies investing in: 

  • Training: no skills needed of specific pre-production software

  • Software: no investment in production preparation software or maintenance fees for extra moduls or packages

  • Eliminate manual labor and reduce errors through a fully automated proces

Our short lead times for processing models enables engineers optimizing their engineering time.


Improve production

Onepush delivers uniform output, trusted by the premium cutting companies. Our production information is flexible and can be tailor made to your needs. Get acquented with or 4 step proces:

  • Quote

  • Customize

  • Produce

  • Support

Experience our 'Building Booklets' for your production floor and experience the easy way from virtual construction to actual production.




The use of complex metal constructions requires accuracy in part dimensions and markings.  OnePush transforms your design into an easy to build construction with smart and even customised markings, tailored to your needs.




The OnePush application scans for profiles as well. Receive extensive profile information; for purchase or cutting, end-detailing and if desired nested for optimal use of your profile stock.



2D Building booklet

Experience our Booklets with 3D ISO views including all part and profile information. Go forward, step by step, defining your own building method.



3D Building model

We upgrade 3D building models for easy to use search, view and measure functionality. Search instanly and zoom-in on that specific area of construction.



4 Steps

Your building package in 4 steps




Free of charge, we scan your 3D CAD model and calculate a quote for your building package.


With our intake form we will implement all your wishes in our process.

3. Produce

We produce your building package while you focus on your business.

4. Support

We provide direct remote assistence & On-site customer review during and after the build.