Independent. Automated. Online.

Independent. Automated. Online.

Transform your 3D design into smart production information with OnePush.


Transform your 3D design into smart production information with OnePush PrepWorks.

"The first fully automated production preparation solution"


We take away complexity.

OnePush is dedicated to optimize the design and engineering process within shipbuilding, architecture and affiliated industries. Our vision is to optimize the production chain from design to production by improving communication and setting new industry standards by means of automation.

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Automate your process

Our mission is to automate everything from design to production, diminishing manual interference and accelarating the process from 3D virtual to actual production.


Speed up

We combine many years of experience in engineering and software development. The result is our accelerated workflow which is able to process any type of engineering structure into industry standard building packages.


We deliver



With PrepWorks we generate fast, high quality building packages for shipbuilding and construction companies. From 3D engineering to production in a single workflow. Fast and reliable.

Custom solutions

On top of our products we offer a flexible approach toward building requirements, customizing our output to your needsThrough our intake and support we offer a tailor made service.



We deliver for

Construction building

Our OnePush Building Application generates accurate building packages with minimal manual interference, therefore eliminating errors. Clients will experience short delivery times and easy building information, effortlessly.

Cutting & forming

Our application enables cutting and forming companies to process our input directly. Excluding manual preparation or adjustments, creating consistent high quality products. 


Design & Engineering

Our solutions will help the design & engineering community to become independent of pre production dedicated software, modules and staff training. Helping them increasing their focus on their core business.


The solution for the complete industry chain

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