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You engineer, we take care of the building package.

Personal. Customized. Automated.


Why OnePush

You engineer, we take care of the building package.

  • We specialize in automating what others do by hand
  • Our experience in marine engineering allows for highly optimized solutions
  • We consider the complete design to building workflow and serve both ends best
  • Onepush envisions a future where 3D virtual and physical construction are truly interconnected


Save time, money and get better quality.

  • A Dutch owned and operated company
  • No additional software or employee training needed
  • No more repetitive manual labour, so engineers can focus on the more challenging aspects of projects
  • Through both personal and online support we help optimizing your 3D construction
  • We offer high quality standard output that is trusted by premium cutting companies
  • Fixed cost calculation based on your 3D CAD model
  • Fixed run time, from final 3D construction to the complete building package

Get in touch

We at OnePush know that finding the right service for you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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OnePush team



Willem Derks

Managing and executing many complex and customized 3D modeling challenges has made Willem a specialist in CAD-CAM solutions. He is an expert in automating 3D modeling processes. His expertise in both hands-on modeling and programming creates a perfect mix to find optimal solutions. His many years of experience realizing projects in the design-, architecture- and shipping industry is fundamental for the development of our automated solutions.



Design academy, Bachelor
Eindhoven, 1995 - 2000

Experience & Activities

• Developing and managing customized solutions within the design-, architecture- and shipping industry
• Consultancy on CAD-CAM solutions for specific and niche related challenges.
• Tutor at TU Eindhoven, Faculty of Industrial Design


Jeroen Ingenhuls

With his vast experience within the maritime industry and international experience regarding project- and operational management, Jeroen teamed up with two industry experts to set a new course. As entrepreneurs they envisioned a new way to stir up the current industry standards. His know-how on software implementation projects, combined with operational and engineering capabilities are key in running this innovative company.



Maritime Technology, Ing.
Amsterdam, 1994-1999

Experience & Activities

• Maritime officer large vessels
• Change and implemenatations manager within top industries
• Operational and engineering specialist within yacht design & engineering


Thomas Brandwijk

Monitoring and managing the design and engineering processes within yacht building has always been Thomas’s the main focus. His believe in the importance of method of design is key, his thoughts on automation of production processes are visionary. This completes the OnePush circle in realizing the implementation of logical, automated processes; making production more efficient than ever and setting industry standards to a new ambitious level.



Shipbuilding, Ing.
Delft, 2005-2011

Experience & Activities

• Naval archtict and construction engineer within multiple organisations specialising in yacht design & engineering
• R&D specialist within marine engineering and software development